Naruto scp fanfiction

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words You're not supposed to get personally involved with the SCPs. No matter how charming or sweet or persistently affectionate The Meliorem are creatures that look very much like humans though they have significant appearance and abilities differences.

The world is in madness due to the Chaos Insurgency, so the SCP Foundation, a rival organization which contains unstable Meliorem, decides to recruit willing and not so willing Meliorem to form a team to fight the Insurgency. This is the story of how a doctora mechanica cage fightera runawaya chemista circus freak and a hacker come together to form a team known as AYB. Known by the members as the Lepers. The characters of Repo, Devil's Carnival and American Murder Song all coexist in a trio of buildings just a few miles away from Sanitarium.

Along with this multitude of characters lives a slew of bizarre creatures that must be Secured, Contained, Protected. Follow Shilo and friends as she tries to uphold this oath and protect life from the monsters within the Foundation.

Randon collection of SCP oneshots. Just a collection of drabbles and short stories that are better in a collection then on their one. I have art over there, too! Most things crave power. Humans and Demons both crave power and most hate when there is something or someone more powerful than them. The DoomSlayer, a being of unfathomable rage. Such rage so endless and visceral even Hell its self could not put an end to his rampage of bloodshed against its inhabitance. The DoomSlayer fought without mercy.

Without Fear. Traveling into the depths of hell, to The Well.

naruto scp fanfiction

Defeating the Spider Mastermind. Ending the Hell invasion on Mars, he fought the guards to gain possession of the Crucible. The Sword he used to vanquish the Titan, Stolen from his hands by Dr. Samual foolishly transports the DoomSlayer to a parallel dimension. The humans of Earth have never encountered a creature like the Doomslayer before Where does this unkillable reptile may come from? This is just a headcanon, nothing official or related to the wiki of the Foundation.

Mention of SCP The SCP Foundation has recently gotten reports of powerful anomalies in just the nearest town. The foundation has classified these anomalies as Euclid and Keter and has set out to find and contained them, respectfully. Ancient evils have been unleashed onto the Chaotic Lands, first affecting the small Bedlam Village.So, the SCP Foundation is quickly becoming, if it is not already, a "thing" on the internets. However, there is one more step we must take before we become a full-out "thing.

This is your challenge: write a crossover fanfiction between the SCP Foundation and any other fictional universe of your choice. It can be hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, or deadly serious, just as long as it is well-written.

Extra points scored for "crackiest" crossover. Create account or Sign in. International SCP Hub. GoI Formats. Explained SCPs. Top Rated New Pages.

Newly Created Pages. Random SCP Tale. Recent Changes Edits. Lowest Rated Pages. Site Rules. Join the Site! Forum New Posts. Chat With Us! Authors' Pages. Site News Hub. Policy Hub. User Resources. How to Write an SCP. Tag Search. User Tools. Wiki Syntax.Naruto is immorta, annd very strong, after the great fourth shining war he gets sent to the SCP:Containment Breach universe and decides to help the scps and befriends them.

That's the basic beginning of the story, who ever decides to wrote please send me a Private message and keep me updated on the story, I am really hoping for a good story with at least 15 good chapters or more. As well as a good amount of words per chapter being at least 2, per chapter please.

Thank you for reading my idea if you have anything to add to it please review, if you want me to try and write it I will need around good reviews please, because I would have to research quite a bit of information to do so. Also please note I haven't been typing recently because my laptop is broken. I am making this story idea on my phone. So please understand that it will take a little bit of time to get a new computer and get it up and running. When I get said new computer I will begin posting many chapters that i have been typing over the past few weeks.

So please be patient for me.

naruto scp fanfiction

Thank you everyone. Story Story Writer Forum Community. This is a story idea for anyone who wants to do it.

Harsh Critique: A Bad SCP-049 Fanfic

I am hoping for good amounts of chapters and chapter length. Anyone who wants to do it please tell me and keep me updated on the story. Thank You. This is just a story idea for anyone who wants to write it. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Close Working Terms of Service.First fanfic, yay Well, this story is rated Teens. Lots of gore and blood 'cause cmon. This is the SCP Foundation we're talkin' about here. Oh, and mind strong language in this story because well, reasons. Furniture for 's room is consisted of.

Description: SCP is a 7-year-old british male with messy jet black hair and vibrant green eyes behind large circular glasses. He is about Subject is also noted to have a scar on his forehead and has shown to have multiple scars and bruises littered across his body. Subject also prefers to be refered as "Harry James Potter".

Subject is described by on-site personell as friendly, sweet, timid, innocent and shy. When let out of his room, subject would wander around the facility and was seen tidying offices, watering plants, picking up trash and in one occasion, was seen cooking for Dr. Kondraki once while he was working on his reports overnight. When questioned why, the subject replied by saying; "Uncle Vernon always said that if I live with someone, I need to make myself useful to prove my worth.

SCP posseses an anomolous property which somehow made him immune to any sort of danger. Subject also has been noted to cause telekenetic reaction towards items around it or teleports to a random location whenever in a state of distress or fear. Subject has also demonstrated powerful yet very limited reality manipulation. The reason for this is mainly because it seems to physically drain most of the energy from the subject in the matter from minutes to seconds, depending on what the subject is focusing on.

Subject has shown remarkable effects on emotion toward other living organisms such as calmness, love and a feeling of acceptance, which had made him very popular with on-site personnell. Other than the anomolous properties, this SCP is rather friendly and cooperative towards on-site personn ell and has been given access to freely roam the foundation, however any access to any active testing chamber is to be denied.

Reasons for this is unknown. If subject wishes to see any Euclid or Keter classes SCPs, the subject must be accomponied with at least two 2 level 4 clearence personell before entering the chamber of the chosen SCP. This is because the subject has an odd quirk to be able to socialize with the SCPs without seeming to be in any sort of danger as because his presence seems to calm them down.

The subject was first noticed by the Foundatio n when an agent saw the subject disappear from the streets from a group of children to a rooftop. After managing to get the subject down, agents brought him to Foundation Care. Note: The subject is no longer allowed near any sharp or dangerous items due to his lack of control of his power. Attemptions to control it is still unknown.Honestly, I don't have above average knowledge about SCP foundation fictions. I only focus on SCPs I like and will be included in this fic.

Hope you can bear with it. Let's do this! Proofread by smirking cat I mean Donjusticia. SCP sleeps soundlessly in its containment. Unknown to the personnel is the fact that it is still thinking about ways to escape.

For now, however, it is only asleep. SCP is known to hate all life forms and will not hesitate to attack a human, the most disgusting living creatures, and devour them on sight.

To SCP, humanity is nothing more than a collection of fools. Although many attempts have been made to destroy him, including with help from other SCP, SCP has survived all attempts and has only become stronger than before.

With its hearing ability, SCP is able to overhear Dr. James talking with his personnel and ordering them to bring the newest SCP they found. Looking over at the specimens the doctor's men bring in, SCP becomes curious, licking his lips as he contemplates what one of them can do against him. After a few minutes, the containment door opens and two personnel, carrying something that looks like a statue, enter the room before setting down the statue and hurriedly exiting the room, fearful that SCP will devour them.

Indeed I never saw it before. Now what do you have in store, Avian statue? The personal on the other side prepare to record the experiment testing the abilities of a new SCP, SCP, who purportedly has the potential power to destroy SCP for good. James, who is now in charge of the whole operation, watches the experiment with great interest, curious about how SCP has managed to attain god-like resistance.

However, while SCP does indeed possess powers that threaten the whole universe, even it still doesn't know of the abilities of SCP SCP, known as "Banisher Angel," is an angelic looking stone statue.

Although she looks like she is made of stones, she is not actually stone but something else entirely. The substance is unknown to the scientists, but it hardens when encountering heat above Celsius and can seemingly melt itself whenever the entity wills itself to melt. The entity has six wings, has wavy stone hair, a bare chest, and wears a strange type of long skirt with a strange design resembling flowers, connected to vine patterns on her lower body.

The statues feet rest on a large stone pedestal. The SCP class is safe and its containment only requires a small room of average size. No special tools or procedures are needed to contain it.

Just some lights and at least 2 personnel must guard it at all times. SCP proved to be sentient. It was observed moving its stony limbs ever so slightly. Law explored this sentience by attempting to speak to the statue, and although the statue couldn't speak, the statue did communicate with gestures, nods, and shrugs.He was fighting, and losing.

He had the only weapon he needed to contain what he was sent out for, he had SCP His only problem was that he needed to contain, and preferably terminate, SCP He had found a possible method to stop through an art of the particular world he was in, sealing, all he had to do was seal 's consciousness and soul into his body after causing extreme damage to its body… easier said than done.

Luckily, the only thing that seemed to be unable to adapt to the point of rendering it useless was pure energy. He fired off a blast of gravitational energy, flew away, he saw an opportunity, he had designed a seal specifically for this SCP, though it could theoretically be used on any of them.

He made the hand seals. This isn't enough, he thought, it needs to be kept from it's body, and if it's consciousness is intact, it will find its body.

I can do only one thing. A ball appeared in between his hands, he released it into the air, and it rose up into orbit. Large chunks of the ground started to rise up to where the ball was. After a few minutes the body of followed what was left of the landscape. As he walked back to his temporary, well, now that he thought about it, not so temporary now, home, he realized that he should have seen this coming.

Notes: We lost a damn fine agent to this thing again, oh well, with any luck, we won't have to deal with it again provided no one screws up this containment, which shouldn't be hard to do right. In the past 50 years he had done quite a bit of thinking, and putting safeguards in place so that when he died, would have a difficult time coming back ever again, he had altered the seal so that when it was released, it would split into nine pieces, and although they would be powerful, it would take less to seal them, unfortunately, it was impossible to split it into nine equal parts, that would result in chaos, the pieces attempting to absorb each other to become the dominant piece ofnow commonly known as the "Jubi," He had also made sure that no one would find his ring accidentaly, he had put that into the seal as well.

Have I made myself clear? Senju, my youngest, you will have my spirit, you will make sure that if it escapes, the other clans can containment, you are the first line of defense. And lastly, Uzumaki, you will be cursed with my eyes, you will be the most powerful, but you must experience great loss to receive the eyes, you are the last line of defense.

Once someone does, they will have the ring that I used to wear. I planted a version of the self-keeping secret meme in this seal so that you will forget how to create it.

Only the Uzumaki will have it, and it will be so deep in their memories that it will be pure chance if someone other than the one that is supposed to recreate it does manage to use it. I have left a book detailing everything that is supposed to happen for the next few hundred years in extreme detail, and the critical events that will happen in the next few thousand.

I have spent almost every day of the last 50 years thinking about every possibility that we will need to have happen in order to make sure that we win against in the end, I have set up plans, backup plans, contingency plans for every scenario, there is almost no way we will not emerge with a total victory. Now, my eldest and youngest sons, you know your parts in the plan, create a rivalry between your clans, use it to make sure that everyone is strong enough to have a chance of defeating when they stand together!

naruto scp fanfiction

Make sure that you pass this on to whoever is the next clan head, and make sure that they pass it on to their successor, and keep it going so that your clans will always be prepared.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Initiate Emergency Containment Procedure REDACTED Notes: We lost a damn fine agent to this thing again, oh well, with any luck, we won't have to deal with it again provided no one screws up this containment, which shouldn't be hard to do right. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6.

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